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This war has brought tremendous pressure on Vladimir Putin. His army of democrats and oligarchs is also facing the heat of sanctions and losses. Most of the military plans designed by Russian forces architects failed. The counter-offensive of Ukraine is very powerful. The Ukrainian army is gaining back the land it had lost.

The regions of Russia that border Ukraine is reeling under shellings. Vladimir Putin also plans on ‘partial mobilization. This caused quite an uproar in Russian society. However, Putin has increased security all over Russia and Ukrainian regions. This also shows the desperation of an autocratic leader.

Vladimir Putin has the full support of the Kremlin. Both of them have charged four regions of Ukraine with martial law. Vladimir Putin and his army annexed these four regions. The regions also include Luhansk and Donetsk. Zaporizhzhia and Kherson are also the regions annexed by Russia.

Vladimir Putin has also announced different security measures in Russia. They depend on region-to-region and proximity to the Ukrainian border. In the regions close to Ukraine, there is a medium level. In central and southern Russian regions, there is a heightened readiness. All the other regions have low-level measures only.

In Vladimir Putin’s Russia, his orders are supreme. All the government agencies have swung into action. The regional governors had the order to set up their separate operational headquarters. Also, the regional governors should attend to every need of the army. This is a major move to support the Russian forces by Putin.

The new system is challenging for the authorities to implement. They also need to solve many logistical challenges. Only time will tell how Vladimir Putin deals with these tense situations. But one more question comes to the surface here. The question is about the usage of this power.

The special measures can be a tool against the Russian population. The freedom of the common people can get affected. Vladimir Putin can initiate the special operation after these measures are in place. Therefore, the situation is tense for everyone involved.

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