More than millions of Afghans will face starvation this winter in case no immediate action comes to play. The warning is coming from the World Food Programme. More than half of the population with at least 22.8 M people will face food scarcity. On the other hand, 3.2 million people will face acute malnutrition.

Afghanistan is now amidst the world’s worst kind of humanitarian crisis. On the other hand, a cat trope is about to come. Afghanistan is under the capture of the Taliban. After this US has pulled out its troops from the country

The takeover took place in a fragile economy. It was already dependent on foreign aid. Western powers have suspended further aids. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have halted their payment.

Many Afghans are now selling off their possessions to purchase food. The new Taliban administration is facing a block from the access of overseas assets. The nation is now assessing how to deal with its hardline group. The wages from the civil servants and the other workers are getting withheld.

“It has been more than five months that I have received my wages,” a teacher in Herat said as per reports. “Life is tough. I am selling whatever we have at home. We are selling our animals, cutting our trees to sell the wood.”

“People are impoverished here,” said a man in Kandahar. “Yesterday I saw a woman who was going through the rubbish bins at the local hotel, collecting the leftover food. I asked her why she was doing so, and she said she didn’t have any other solution; she was trying to find food for her children.”

The WFP warned that the winter is threatening the further isolation of Afghans who are depending on humanitarian assistance to survive. They are suffering from the food scarcity rate in rural communities. It requires urgent actions to speed up the delivery of food to Afghanistan before the winter approaches.

In September, WFP has warned that only 5% of Afghan families have enough food to eat every day. Basic ingredients are highly pricey. The organization has also warned that 1 million children are facing the risk of dying from acute malnutrition.

The UN humanitarian assistance program remains only as a donor. The organization also says that it might require $220M to meet the costs. The food crisis is getting the company of the water crisis and drought.

Credits: BBC

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