Berlin truck attack

Sascha Husges got badly injured when he rushed to help the victims of the Berlin truck attack during the Christmas of 2016. After five years, he had become the 13th one to die.

A beam had hit his head, and he needed 24 hours of care since then. His partner said that he had died of an infection that took place due to a long-term illness.

Tunisian Anis Amri, a jihadist threat, drove his lorry over a crowded market on Breitscheidplatz during the Berlin truck attack. After the attack, he fled to Italy. Four days later, in Milan, police shot him dead.

Amri was an asylum seeker. The initial shot of the lorry driver died on 19th December 2016 to plot the attack. Then he took the vehicle to run into the Christmas market.

Due to this attack, 11 people have died at the market at that time. The attack further wounded many. A report of the Berlin’s state senate that came on the following found that the surveillance on Amri had dropped. However, police did warn about the fact that he was a violent Islam.

Sascha Husges, 49 years old, was one of the first in that scene of the attack who helped the wounded. He ran there to help others, but he came back soon after injuring his head.

Here is what his wife said, “He ran off to help, but he came back soon afterward because something had hurt his head.”

He got released from the hospital. He was receiving care at the home of the couple. Mr. Husges said that his husband had died earlier this month.

Astrid Passin, a spokesperson for the survivor victims and the relative of the killed one he called for the name of Sascha Husges to add to the memorial on the steps to the church. The attack took place in the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church on that square.

Credits: BBC

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