Liz Truss in Taiwan
Liz Truss in Taiwan

We have been reporting about the impending visit by UK’s former Prime Minister Liz Truss to Taiwan ever since she announced her decision in the last few weeks. It is worth noting that this is the first time in last 3 decades that an ex-Premier from the UK has visited Taiwan since it is known that UK recognizes China and not Taiwan. However, Liz Truss visited Taiwan as she has been criticized for just being a 49-day Prime Minister and during her tenure and policy changes, there was a turmoil in the UK’s markets.

This was also a way for Liz Truss to come back into the limelight as she wants to get her political career back on track. It was said that the speech that Truss will give in Taiwan will be a scathing one and be against what UK’s current government is saying with respect to China and Taiwan. During her speech, Liz Truss said that “It is completely irresponsible for European nations to wash their hands of Taiwan.” She added that “The only choice we have is whether we appease and accommodate – or we take action to prevent conflict.” regarding the military build up by China near Taiwan.

Truss told the reporters that “There are still too many in the West who are trying to cling on to the idea that we can cooperate with China on issues like climate change, as if there is nothing wrong; that there are bigger issues than Chinese global dominance.” She added that “We know what happens to the environment or world health under totalitarian regimes that don’t tell the truth. You can’t believe a word they say.” Truss, in her speech, said that she is “absolutely clear” that China’s Xi wants Taiwan. She added that “All we can do — those of us who believe in freedom and democracy — is make sure that Taiwan is as protected as possible,” she said. “We need to be clear, and we need to be coordinated in dealing with that threat.” China, on Truss’ visit to Taiwan, said that the DPP is “spending taxpayers’ money to bring over anti-China politicians that have left their offices,” and called her visit a “farce”.

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