Liz Truss
Liz Truss

We know that politicians are paid a lot of money for attending events when they are invited to give a speech as a lot of money has been gained in ticket sales, and we know that this is business as usual. However, we also know that when countries are involved in something then it could get messy as well. For example, we recently reported that former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss, who also holds the record for being the shortest-serving PM of the UK for just 44 days, visited Taiwan on an extremely short trip where she had to deliver a speech.

It was anticipated and hyped as the speech of the decade because the UK does not recognize Taiwan and an independent country and thus it does not have an official stance against China. However, since Liz Truss is not part of the UK government now, she could give a scathing speech against her government and for the people of Taiwan. Well, that is exactly what she did as well. She criticized the UK government for supporting China instead of Taiwan but it is worth noting that she was ousted as the UK PM for her poor economic reforms in the first place.

However, what we are reporting today is that the former UK PM Liz Truss was paid $100,000 for her 4-hour visit to Taiwan where she delivered her speech in front of a capacity audience. In her speech, she said “There are still too many in the West who are trying to cling on to the idea that we can cooperate with China,” and added that “You can’t believe a word they say.” It is worth noting that the Prospect Foundation paid Liz Truss this amount for her Taiwan visit as per official details received by the UK parliamentary registry’s financial interests for members. However, it is also noticed that the amount paid for politicians to visit Taiwan is much much more than what others get for visiting the other countries. For example, Liz Truss was just given a travel expenditure of almost $9000 for delivering a speech in the US earlier this year.

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