We know that Japan is considered as one of the safest place to visit in the world and the people in Japan also have the impression of being the most polite and caring and people who have visited the country also tell you the same things about the country. However, it is worth noting that the country has seen its share of bad luck and wars as well all thanks to its conflict with the US. You must be aware of the horrendous nuclear bombs being dropped by the US on Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki which lead to the death of thousands of people and its effects can be seen even today.

It is worth noting that Japan has a nuclear reactor in Fukushima as well and as per reports, the country is planning to release its radioactive water into the Pacific ocean very soon after obtaining approval from the IAEA. As per Japan, they have to release this radioactive water after it was damaged by the 2011 earthquakes and they don’t have any option as the storage spaces are running out as well. The major worry with Japan releasing this radioactive water, even after treating it as much as possible, is that there is a substance called radioactive tritium which can’t be removed from this water as there is no technology available to do at the moment.

For this reason, there are concerns about this water being released and humans as well as sea creatures getting exposed to it. Japan says that it will release the water in small quantities over a period of decades but there is still a risk as Canada’s Nuclear Safety Commission says that there is a risk of cancer if tritium is consumed in “extremely large quantities”. US Nuclear Regulatory Commission also mentions that “any exposure to radiation could pose some health risk”. The Japanese Government plans to release the water, after being treated, via an undersea tunnel off the coast, into the Pacific Ocean. “This will ensure the relevant international safety standards continue to be applied throughout the decades-long process laid out by the government of Japan and TEPCO,”

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