Ukrainian soldiers

Ukrainian soldiers got big wins in the northeast region of Ukraine. But the wins were quite bland in Kherson and the nuclear plant famous Zaporizhzhia. As usual, front lines positions receive continuous fire. Kherson is under pressure as men of this region can get drafted to fight for Russia.

The Ukrainian soldiers are gaining small victories. The pace is slow. But it will be sad to judge that there has been no advancement from their side. Status is the commander of the gunners. The Russians targeted them, and thus, they are hitting back now. They use a self-propelled howitzer that goes by the name of ‘Gvozdika’.

Iryna is a resident of Melitopol city in Ukraine. She says that the residents get excited when Ukrainian soldiers target the Russians. It is very difficult for populations living under the tyranny of Putin. They have to be safe. They should not come into the sight of Russians.

Tatyana Kumok also belongs to Melitopol. She came to her hometown but got stuck. She helped her fellow Ukrainians. But they decided to leave in September because of a referendum by Russia. She feels that this is a long war. Many families were even forced to send their kids to Russia-controlled schools.

Russia is trying very hard to silence those people who are against it. Ukrainian soldiers also conducted some successful missions in August. There was a sudden increase in arrests after the missions. The Russian soldiers can also come and check anyone’s house.

Now, Russian soldiers are even going to every house to note down the name of every male present there. The males can get a call-up to serve in the Russian army anytime. However, many people from Ukraine and Russia as well are leaving their respective places.

Ukrainian soldiers clearly say that this is a bad idea. It can also lead to more bloodshed and more war. The war is on a new stage now. Putin wants to win by any means possible. Zelensky wants to defend his nation by any means possible.

Credits: BBC

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