Russian gas pipeline

In a major backlash to the country, Sweden reports the fourth leak in a Russian gas pipeline. Denmark and Sweden reported four gas leaks this week. All the leaks are in Nord Stream 1 and 2.

Nato confronts the country. It comments that this is an act of sheer irresponsibility and recklessness. However, Russia is reluctant to accept these claims. Russian gas pipeline leakage is a big matter. The country says that they are not stupid enough to do something like this.

Russia blames America. It informs that the blast occurred in zones controlled by American intelligence. So it becomes their responsibility.

The fourth leak was in Nord Stream 2. This is very close to a larger leak in Nord Stream 1. Sweden pointed out this leak this week before the previous one.

The EU has a different narrative to share. The EU says that it’s not new for Russia to use gas supplies as a weapon against Western countries. This opposition is in retaliation for its support for Ukraine. And thus, the assumptions make sense.

Although, the EU has raised severe concerns. We all know that it’s a serious matter. Not only does the Russian gas pipeline leak affect the economy and wastes natural resources. This leakage imposes serious environmental concerns.

Currently, neither Nord Stream 1 nor 2 is transporting gas. Both Russian gas pipelines contain gas. But neither of them is transporting. The Nord Stream 1 pipeline consists of two parallel branches. Both the branches have been dysfunctional since late August. The reason that Russia states are the lack of maintenance.

Nord Stream 2 has been dysfunctional since the time Russia invaded Ukraine in February. All these blasts affect the Baltic sea. Amid so many conjectures, some people believe that Russia doing these things doesn’t make sense.

The most concerning part are that one of the two Russian gas pipelines contains methane. This gas has a warming effect on our climate. Experts say that methane is 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. But this is only during their release in the first 20 years.

Methane still lasts for as long as a decade in our atmosphere. So the matter is concerning. Countries need to make stringent laws and act on them.

Credits: BBC

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