Many people are leaving Zaporizhzhia after Russia decided to annex it. The local population is coming towards the car park of a supermarket. The people coming to the car park have left the terrifying regions of Russian territory. They also came looking for a safe place under Ukrainian control.

Russia is also ‘formally’ annexing four regions of Ukraine. Russian democrats and the military held a five-day exercise. Russia called the exercise a ‘referendum’. But the West and Ukraine called it a ‘sham’.

Russians also tried to mobilize many people of Ukrainian origins to their side. Anton Osenev was one of them. Russians tried him two times. For the first time, he was not there. For the second time, they stayed with him for some time. Anton believes that they left him because of his pregnant wife.

The people of Ukraine clearly do not understand what is happening. They are afraid and confused. Also, they are not concerned with the declaration of annexation by Moscow. They are afraid about how the war can take a new turn. Mr. Putin also said that he would use all resources, including nuclear weapons, if needed.

All the roads south of Zaporizhzhia are empty and feel abandoned. There are some checkpoints. Komyshuvakha is a small village-like settlement in Ukraine. However, there are lots of damaged buildings that one sees there. People in this village have gone through trauma like no other.

Liubov Smyrnova belongs to this small settlement. She shows her house. The house got destroyed because of a missile. She also says that what is happening in Ukraine is a genocide. However, the pressure they are facing is too much for a human being.

There are only women left in this village now. They have a firm belief in a free and independent Ukraine. Also, they say that they want their old life back. They did not hurt anyone. They did not kill anyone. The eyes of the women tear up as they showcase their resolve.

Credits: BBC

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