With Russian-Ukraine War taking raging turns, Kyiv allies come to help with more weapons. These weapons will help Ukraine in defending itself.

All the allies will offer artillery, anti-tank, and air defense to firm the defense aid for Kyiv. Russia launched another campaign to conquer the country’s eastern regions. The clash now is the “battle for the Donbas”. It comes from the president of Ukraine. Russia is continuously bombarding the eastern region.

Ukraine claims that Russian troops are attacking from the 300-mile front line. So the allies decided to aid Ukraine with weapons amid the open fire.

US defense will offer additional military aircraft and aircraft parts. They sent all of it to Ukraine to expand the fleet size. They are also going to repair the damaged arsenal.

Ukraine’s President asked for the Soviet-made air defense. Instead, he appealed for fighter jets. It was as an alternative to a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

Biden, in a recent interview, said, “the US is planning to provide a further military aid package to Ukraine of a similar size to the $800m (£615m) aid package he announced last week.”

Washington will also offer more artillery featuring heavy guns. So it is for land warfare.

Similarly, other countries are also trying to offer Ukraine aid. For example, UK Prime Minister informs to aid Ukraine with more artillery.

The other allies, Germany and the Czech Republic will offer anti-tank weapons and repair Ukrainian tanks and armored vehicles, respectively. The allies are also going to offer economic sanctions. It is yet another part of the agenda. Ukrainian President, in one tweet, asked for heavy artillery, an air defense system, and armed vehicles. He also informs that with the weapon, they plan to stop Russia.

The ally’s leaders are also discussing providing Ukraine with a security guarantee. NATO military alliance calls out to 30 members. Ukraine can expect helo from all of its members to stand firm against Russia’s evil game plan.

Credits: BBC

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