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The UK government sent a minister to the British Virgin Islands. This was for an inquiry called for a return of UK rule. Andrew Fahie got arrested in the US for alleged drug trafficking and money laundering.

After this arrest, a report got to lead by a British judge. The judge recommended a direct rule imposed on London due to corruption concerns. But the acting leader of the BVI had said he opposed the UK taking control.

The BVI is a British overseas territory home to more than 35,000 people. This was up of more than 40 islands located in the Caribbean to the east of Puerto Rico.

It operates as a parliamentary democracy. This is with the premier acting as the head of the elected government. This was alongside the governor, appointed by the UK government.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss stated Amanda Milling, the minister for overseas territories. He also stated that he was traveling to the territory for talks with the BVI governor.

She stated that the UK government would outline the next steps for the island’s governance. Mr. Rankin to take over the rule of the territory. He also said that his main concern is the best interests of the BVI’s population.

On the other hand, acting premier Natalio Wheatley stated that the territory opposes efforts by London to impose direct rule.

He said, “What this would mean in real terms is that there would be no more elected representatives who represent the people of the districts and the territory in the House of Assembly where laws are for our society. There also would be no government ministers to advance the public’s priorities or a cabinet to approve the policy..”

He told BBC Radio 4’s The World Tonight the BVI could address governance problems. This is to escort to UK direct rule. He did not believe the BVI’s people wanted to see the constitution suspended. He also added that every country in the world has challenges with governance, including the UK. Mr. Wheatley stated that he had productive talks with Ms. Milling.

Credits: BBC

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