Russian forces inch forwarded towards the north of the Donbas region. A single road remains open for Ukrainians. This road is for Ukrainians seeking access to the town of Lysychansk. Major Oleg Kravchenko is a wry, burly figure who heads the army’s medical teams in the area. He stated that the days are now all about blood.

The course of springtime bird song is under full disturbance due to the boom of artillery. Broken glass and debris cover the floor of every residential building.

Lysychansk is one of the strategic towns. It is set around amine forests, rolling hills, and giant coal mines. It is under target by the Kremlin. The forces are also continuously trying to seize the rest of the Donbas.

Maj Kravchenko also said, “The most we’ve had is 30 wounded (in one day). Shrapnel, bullets, trauma. Depending on what kind of battle. We pick them up and take them to the hospital. The fighting is very extreme and dangerous now. But our soldiers are holding our positions, and we’re giving our enemy a good fight.”

The overwhelming majority of injuries is the evidence of the Russian strategy of bombarding. Russian troops are also trying to seek an advance on foot.

The soldier in the Soviet-era hospital got critically injured. Many Russian buildings bear the scars of recent Russian artillery and rocket fire. Russian forces are also moving towards Lysychansk from the north, east, and southeast. However, this is an effective strategy to cut off key Ukrainian supply lines. Many civilians had already left Lysychansk.

Anastasia Leontiova, along with her son, stated that they had nowhere to go. Moreover, we need money to live, and we are broke now for almost a month. Seventeen civilians and several children are living in the cellar of a large administrative building.

A couple of Lubova Gubin, 69, and her husband Alexei, 73, sat inside their tiny room. They quietly argued about what they should do. However, children showed signs of courage. However, they flinched when a loud expansion boomed across the town.

Credits: BBC

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