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The UK regulator has come up with the approval of using the Pfizer jab in children aged 12-15. It is safe for and effective for this age group of people. At the same time, the benefit can outweigh any of the risks. The MHRA is saying that it had carried out a much “rigorous review” of the vaccine during adolescence.

The vaccination committee of the UK will now decide whether there is a need for the children to get the job or not. The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has got approval for use in people aged 16 and more.

Dr. June Raine, the Chief executive of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, said the safety needs to be monitored carefully.

She added, “No extension to an authorization would be approved unless the expected standards of safety, quality, and effectiveness have been met.”

The Joint Committee on vaccination and immunization now must advise the government about whether this age group gets the vaccination or not. The spokesperson from the Department of Health and Social Care said it needs to get guidance from the expert advisors. Hence they will update about the in due courses.

However, the recent advice goes for the 16-18 years old who are the priority group. Also, it is focusing on those who live in the same house with someone who is extremely vulnerable.

Usually, the children’s risk of becoming ill with COVID-19 is very low. They very rarely require hospital treatment. It is why the focus was more on vaccinating the adults who are much prone to the risks. However, the question is whether to protect the children with the Pfizer Jab or not.

The EU has recently come up with the approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for 12-15-year-olds. The US and Canada have already started vaccinating the children of this age group from the starting of this month.

Germany is indicating that it will start vaccinating children over 12 from the 7th of June. Besides the regulator, a UK independent advisory group is also analyzing the data on the quality. Also, they are looking for the effectiveness and safety of this vaccine for adolescents against the risk of side effects. According to the Commission on Human Medicines, the benefit of it can outweigh the risk.

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