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The US government reports on the sightings of UFOs. There is no evidence of alien activity, but it does not rule it out. The review of the 120 incidents will conclude that the US technology was not in the part of this for most of the cases. But beyond it, the report is making no definite assessment about the object. A declassified version of the report is about to be handed in this June to the lawmakers. The report is the product of the US military task force. It established last year to investigate the disappearance of aerial sightings in US airspace.

The Department of Defense has said that they wanted to improve their understanding of the unidentified aerial phenomena. Also, they wanted to determine whether it’s a threat to national security or not. The US military does not confirm any alien activity.

The report is mandated as part of the pandemic relief package, which former US President Donald Trump has signed. Its release has managed to capture the imagination of the public in the US. The UFO sightings here have been a long source of alien conspiracy and intrigue theory.

Reports from the news agencies say it has spoken with the three sources who have said that the report does not rule out extraterrestrial activity as a possible explanation. There is not at all any evidence that Navy Pilots have witnessed aerial phenomena in recent years.

The intelligence officials also had concerns regarding the national security implications. Dome of the sightings got the discussion in the recent news reports, which is renewing the interest in UFOs.

Some of the US Navy pilots have said that they have seen inexplicable aircraft which flew faster. These were more maneuverable than they haven’t been before. According to Ryan Graves, who has seen the UFOs hovering in the restricted airspace, the objects have no visible exhaust plumes. They were traveling with much speed, which was defying the limits of familiar technology.

In last year’s April, the Department of Defense released some declassified video that shows “unexplained aerial phenomena.” The department wanted to clear up any misconceptions regarding the footage.

Credits: BBC

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