Turkey Sweden NATO
Turkey Sweden NATO

We know that a real political drama is going on since the last few days between Turkey, US, Sweden and NATO as you must already know that Sweden has applied to join NATO but their bid was vetoed by Turkey because they accuse Sweden of giving asylum to terrorists that are harmful for Turkey. Due to that reason, US has been trying to convince, and even threaten, Turkey to let Sweden join NATO and it looks like the US and NATO have arm-twisted Turkey into letting that happen as it is now officially known that Turkey will not object to Sweden joining NATO. In related news, it is known that the US will supply F-16 fighter jets to Turkey.

According to CNN, Sweden will not be able to join NATO right away as “it will take a parliamentary procedure in Turkey to formally approve their membership and Hungary must also drop their objections”. You must be aware that Turkey is not a part of NATO and it also wants to join the alliance but it convinced Hungary to veto Sweden’s push for NATO but now that Turkey is in support, we will see that Hungary will also support Sweden’s bid.

It is worth noting that NATO members have agreed to make it easier for Ukraine to join NATO as well without any documentation. In a tweet, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister said that “following intensive talks, NATO allies have reached consensus on removing MAP [Membership Action Plan] from Ukraine’s path to membership.” It is interesting to see how Russia reacts to this news as it has already maintained that it will not tolerate any advances on Ukraine’s bid to join NATO. We also believe that if Ukraine is to join NATO, there could be a high chance of World War 3 happening soon.

At the moment, we know that NATO allies are scheduled to meet each other on a two-day NATO summit which is taking place in Lithuania right now as we speak. US President Joe Biden is also attending the summit and it could be very consequential keeping in mind the failed mutiny that took place in Russia recently.

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