Mr. Jordan Reeves – Executive Director, Canadian Trade Office In Taipei

In the run up to the Chinese New Year holidays, Mr. Jordan Reeves – Executive Director of the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei was kind enough to spend some time with TTT intern Monica Lee (pictured), and editor Mark Buckton to record what is our first ever podcast.

TTT’s Monica Lee with Jordan Reeves

A notable presence on Taiwan Twitter, Jordan is one of the more active foreign representatives to Taiwan, and is never seen without a smile on his face, so we thought he would be ‘up’ for us firing a few questions his way.

We contacted his office, got a thumbs up, and set the date.

This is what Jordan had to say about  Canada-Taiwan relations, a normal day for someone in his position, an ‘apparent‘ preference for the warmer parts of the world, and speaking in front of almost a million people when in India.

Plus a few more things too.

Podcast link – Jordan Reeves

  • Up next will be a chat with Mr. Willy Gomez, Guatemala’s Ambassador to Taiwan – release date February 27th.

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