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North and South Korea are reeling under severe pressure from each other. They both launched many missiles into international waters. The missiles landed near the land. This is a clear escalation of tensions between both countries. No one wants to back down.

North Korea launched twenty-three missiles in a single day. It is a record by the North. South Korea fired up just three air-to-ground missiles. North responded by firing six more missiles and artillery shells.

North Korea has said that these were in response to military exercises by the South and the US. Also, the north said that the activities are aggressive and provocative. North also said that the South and the US could pay a heavy price for their exercises. People believe that this was an open nuclear weapon threat to both countries.

The tensions rose due to North Korea’s missile launches. The launches led to a siren warning at Ulleung Island. Seoul controls the island. One missile crossed the NLL line. However, this missile came the closest to South Korea.

South Korea condemned the escalation of tensions between the two countries. Seoul also resorted to a similar tactic by firing missiles into North’s territory. This comes as the whole world has its eyes fixed on South because of the crowd incident. The massive crowd rush in Seoul killed almost 150 people. The country is in national mourning.

North fired missiles in both the east and west directions. The closest missile came 57 km near Sokcho. Both South Korea and Japan received inputs about the launches. It was the first time a missile landed near South Korean territory.

International Law suggests that any country can claim territory to 12 nautical miles. North Korea came very close to this established territory of the South. North launched 50 missiles in 2022 owing to a rise in tensions. The US and South Korea are also adamant about conducting ‘Vigilant Storm’.

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