suspected missile

South Korean military accused North Korea of firing a suspected missile. The suspected missile is an ICBM. ICBM stands for Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. But they said that the suspected missile failed mid-way during its journey. It comes amid increasing tensions between both countries.

Japan sounded an alert after the launch of a suspected missile from North Korea. But the missile fell short and landed in the sea. North Korea can also conduct a nuclear test owing to tensions. North fired the suspected missile at 07:40 local time. A source later confirmed that the suspected missile was an ICBM.

North Korea’s actions surprised Japan in the first place. It not only issued alerts but severely accused Pyongyang. The US also jumped in by saying that North Korea is a huge threat to security and peace. The suspected missile launch led to the extension of the US- South Korea exercises.

North Korea is becoming very provocative with its military decisions. North Korea launched a missile that flew over Japan for the first time in 5 years. The rising tensions made the North test the most number of its missiles. Pyongyang performed 6 nuclear tests and is planning for a seventh one.

The world imposed lots of sanctions on North Korea. But it is continuing to bring more advancements. The goal of the North is to threaten other countries. They also want to bring the US within a suitable striking range. Recently, there was a strong exchange between both countries.

The missile came from many points in North Korea. So, it is difficult to pinpoint a single position. South Korea finds this a major difficulty. This gives North Korea a big advantage.

North Korea and its leader is adamant about a seventh nuclear test. This means that the country wants to showcase its power. North Korea will never come in for denuclearisation talks. It wants to keep the precious power in its hands.

Credits: BBC

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