Russian President Vladimir Putin takes on a new stance in this war. He publicly approved the evacuation of Kherson. This comes into effect in areas primarily controlled by Russian forces. Civilians are now getting evacuated as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Kyiv is continuing its offensive. Ukrainian forces are also advancing toward Kherson aggressively. Putin said that civilians should not suffer because of facts. This is a contradictory statement from him. He ordered to attack energy resources of Ukraine. Civilians faced a difficult time because of water and power supply attacks.

70,000 people have migrated from Kherson. Kherson is also the only major city of Ukraine won by Russia since the war began. Many people believe that Kherson is going to become the next major battleground. Both countries are going to meet there with their armies.

Kyiv says that Russia is migrating civilians by force. It is a war crime, as per international law. But Russia denies this openly. Mr. Putin himself said that their troops would also leave Kherson. This is a major withdrawal from the side of Russian forces. Many local Russian officials also confirm this. But Ukraine is still careful as it can be a trap.

Kherson and three other Ukrainian regions are under Russia now. But Russia does not control them. Mr. Putin held referendums there. But it was just to say that they are part of Russia. The world condemned this move. Crimea also came under Russia in 2014.

Russia also included some 318,000 military recruits for fighting. This exceeds the target set by Putin. Out of these, around 49,000 are fighting across the battle. But since they are recruits, they cannot do much damage. They don’t have the training and the experience. But despite that, Ukraine needs to maintain caution.

The war is moving towards a difficult time now. None of the sides is ready to negotiate. They want to achieve their objective anyhow. This can lead to dangerous decisions. So, both countries should avoid more confrontations. The best way forward is through diplomacy.

Credits: BBC

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