Biden and Trump

The US is dealing with its last and final campaign day. This makes sure that the US midterm elections are moving towards a crucial moment. Biden and Trump held major rallies to make their mark on Congress. Congress is also going to see major turmoil in the days ahead.

Biden and Trump made their last appeal for votes to voters. Biden did it from New York. At the same time, Trump did it from Florida. Republicans seem to be getting the upper hand in the election. They also want to snatch both chambers from the Democrats. House of Representatives can come under Republicans as they are the favorite here.

Biden and Trump are now head to head. They both want to take control of Congress. The Republicans want to destroy Biden’s agenda. President Biden and his party can also taste defeat in many areas of the country. Their chances are looking grim, even in the areas where they usually win.

Biden did a rally on Monday in New York to support Governor Kathy Hochul. She is having a difficult time with her Republican counterpart. Lee Zeldin is contesting from the Republican’s side. This also shows that Biden and Trump are pushing each other’s limits. They have taken the voters to the next level.

Biden called this election an “inflection point”. He also said that voters need to choose between two different versions of America. Their decision matters a lot. An inflection point is a scientific term. It comes in use while drawing graphs and analyzing data. It generally means a point where there is a significant change.

Trump was on the other side of America, declaring Democrats as “communists”. He said that Biden and his party want to turn the country into the next Cuba or Venezuela. He also extended an invitation to people in Florida to join the Republicans. Donald Trump may run for President again in 2024. Biden and Trump are fighting to regain their glory and power.

Credits: BBC

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