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Taiwan is getting ready for a show of force from China. It is because Nancy Pelosi, the US House Speaker, was expected to visit the island last Tuesday. Pelosi is the 3rd-highest ranking official in the United States government. Also, she is Beijing’s long-time critic.

It is a self-ruled island yet claimed by China. China was in communication with the United States about the visit. The forces hold live fire drills, and they prepare for any kind of eventuality.

The defense ministry of Taiwan had a complete grasp of activities near it. Naturally, it determined to defend itself against any kind of Chinese threats.

It reported that China could respond with military initiatives. It may include the firing of missiles near Taiwan or launching wide-scale naval or air activities.

Pelosi began her Asia tourism without mentioning Taiwan. So far, she has visited Malaysia and Singapore and will be stopping in Japan and South Korea. But it reported widely in Taiwanese that she would land in Taipei on Tuesday evening. She expected to hold meetings with the leaders of Taiwan on Wednesday.

This visit has become a headache for the White House. Joe Biden said that it is not the right time for Pelosi to visit Taiwan at present.

However, according to John Kirby, Pelosi holds the right to visit the island, and she can make her decisions. He added that the White House respects the independence of the US Congress.

Pelosi actually planned to visit Taiwan in April. But after she tested positive for Covid-19, the plan postponed. However, a few days ago, she said that it is important to show support for the island.

In 1997, Newt Gingrich, the Republican former speaker of the House, visited the island. Also, recently US lawmakers have visited the place. And nothing has changed since then. Pelosi is traveling on US military planes during her tour.

Credits: BBC

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