Police in the US state of Colorado have named the ten victims in America’s latest mass shooting, just hours after a lone gunman opened fire in a busy Boulder supermarket with an assault rifle.

The assailant, Ahmad Al Aliwi Al Issa, aged 21, was arrested without incident after the shooting and is now in police custody.

At time of typing no motive has been announced although he is known to be a Syrian Muslim immigrant with a history of paranoia according to numerous reports from the US citing family members.

The latest mass murder of innocent civilians comes less than a week after another lone gunman went on the rampage in Atlanta, killing eight, mainly Asian females.

In the latest shooting, around 50 kilometres northwest of the state capital, Denver,  Al Issa is understood to have been armed with an AR-15 – a semi-automatic weapon used in multiple mass shootings in the USA in recent years.

In response, US President Joe Biden has issued what is now a routine call by America’s political elite for stricter gun control measures.

The shooting itself took place in the early afternoon when Al Issa entered the store and started shooting without warning.

His victims, in age order have been identified as:

Denny Stong – 20

Neven Stanisic – 23

Rikki Olds – 25

Tralona Bartkowiak – 49

Suzanne Fountain – 59

Teri Leiker – 51

Eric Talley – 51

Kevin Mahoney – 61

Lynn Murray – 62

Jody Waters – 65

In a press conference later in the day, local chief of police Maris Herold told the media she had been left feeling “numb”.

“I live three blocks up the street from that store. This is my community.”

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