Afghan women

Taliban says that the rights of Afghan women would be respected. They will get their rights “within the framework of Islamic law.”

In the first news conference, the group said that taking control of the country the group said that women in the country would be free to work. They also offered a little detail on the other rules and restrictions about it.

Zabihullah Mujahid said that all Afghans need to live within the framework of Islam. Rights groups are fearing for the freedom of women. It will erode under Taliban rule. The militant group has cane up with the introduction of the punishments in line with the strict interpretation for the legal system of Islam, i.e., Sharia Law.

Afghan Women had to wear all-covering burqas previously. Also, the Taliban disapproved of the schooling of girls aged 10. Mr. Mujahid has filed some questions from the international media regarding what women’s rights will look like in this country.

They will allow women to work and study within their framework. In their society, women will be very active. But he did not say much about the dress codes and the roles of women that they will have in the workforce of the country.

The Taliban has also declared a general amnesty and said that they want women to join their government. Analysts say that this group is now running a very sophisticated PR campaign. It is putting an effort to win the hearts of both Afghans and the international community. The message of this new ruler has also received mixed feelings in this country.

Few women are not ready to believe what they are saying. At the same time, some others are seeing the early promise in their tone.

“I live in an Islamic country, and I’m willing to accept the Islamic dress code – as long as it’s not a burqa though because that’s not an Islamic dress code”, one Afghan woman said.

The Taliban have sued the phrased “all their rights within Islam” so many times. In recent years the Afghans have tried to establish ties with the Taliban. There are also references to women’s rights in conservative Arab societies like Qatar, Arabia.

Credits: BBC

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