Paralympic Village

A COVID-19 case has been detected again in Tokyo Paralympic Village. Tokyo this year has become the host for the Olympic 2021.  Now it is time for the Paralympics. This new covid case came to the surface just days before the Games are about to start, the organizers said on Thursday.

However, the officials have also confirmed that the person who has tested positive with COVID-19 is not an athlete. Also, this person is not a resident of Japan, as the organizers further added.

Organizers have already reported many more cases. At least 70 more Covid cases have links to the Paralympics. However, the infected people are mostly among the staff and contractors.

It will take five more days for the game to begin. The Paralympics will begin on 24th August. At least 4400 athletes from 160 teams are all set to take part in Paralympics 2021. They are taking their last moment preparations before the game.

Just like the Olympics, they will need to undergo a thorough covid test daily. Also, they have to wear face masks. Also, the athletes must maintain social distance while staying within the Paralympic Village.

Though there has been a mixed reaction and significant backlashes about the Tokyo Olympic 2021, it has taken place successfully.  Also, Tokyo has managed the restrictions during the Olympics to prevent further infections efficiently.

Tokyo is currently under the fourth state of emergency due to the Olympics and Paralympic. The organizers have decided to prevent any spectators during the time of the Paralympics.

Organizers are saying that they have managed to keep Covid at bay during the session of the Olympic Games earlier. It has maintained all the antivirus measures. However, critics are saying that the Games have caused a surge in infections in the country. Japan has reported more than 20000 cases/day in recent days. This figure is more in number than ever before.

Credits: BBC

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