Taiwan and Paraguay
Taiwan and Paraguay

You must be aware that there is a threat on Taiwan both politically as well as forceful as well due to China. Earlier this year, you saw that Honduras snapped ties with Taiwan in favour of China and it is believed that the main reason behind this was that Taiwan refused to help Honduras in the emergency aid that they needed while China obliged with their request. Due to that reason, Taiwan President Tsai now has only 13 countries officially recognizing Taiwan as their allies and it is worth noting that there was a threat Taiwan could lose Paraguay as well.

This is because the opposition party of Paraguay, which went into election just last week, said that if they come to power then would switch Paraguay’s ties from Taiwan to China. However, it is worth noting that Paraguay’s ruling party which is the Colorado party came to power, and the threat of switching ties has been called off for now. Santiago Pena, who is the President-elect of the Colorado party, said “Thank you for this Colorado victory, thank you for this Paraguayan victory,” He added in his victory speech that the country needs “unity and consensus” and said that “We have a lot to do, after the last years of economic stagnation, of fiscal deficit, the task that awaits us is not for a single person or for a party,”

It is worth noting that one of the main focus of the election was also both the parties’ and candidate’s view on Taiwan and China. While the opposition wanted to switch ties, the Colorado party wanted to keep its affiliate with Taiwan. Keep in mind that the countries that currently recognize Taiwan are the ones that are not lured by China’s bid because we are definitely sure that the Chinese think tank must have offered them a good amount of money to switch their political affiliation and turn their back on Taiwan. China believes that not just with the military, it should also corner Taiwan politically and if the country loses all of its official countries that recognize them then it would be a huge win for the CCP.

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