Taiwan Peoples Party
Taiwan Peoples Party

We know that there will be elections for the Taiwan President early next year in the country which will shake things up quite a lot because of the ongoing tensions with China and if the current ruling party comes to power once again, we will see that China’s stance towards Taiwan will not change much. Now, an opinion poll was conducted regarding the status of all parties in Taiwan and how they are getting the support from public in Taiwan. It is reported that the 2024 Presidential elections will send “super shock waves” across the world if the opinion poll findings come true.

This is because in the opinion poll, it has been found out that Taiwan’s People’s Party which was founded in 2019 has become the second largest party in Taiwan replacing the KMT. According to the opinion polls, the ruling party which is Democratic Progressive Party will emerge victorious next year as well which means that the current Vice-President of Taiwan will become the President as the current Taiwan President is not eligible to fight the elections anymore. It is also reported that the KMT will still be a “meaningful third choice” in next year’s elections but it has lost the reputation of becoming the obvious alternative to the DPP.

It is worth noting that the DPP has also lost support as it was revealed that “Approval ratings for the DPP also dropped, to 24.6 percent from 31.1 percent in May”. Chairman of the Foundation, Micheal You said, “The findings carry an important message, that is there is an obvious sign of the restructuring of Taiwan’s political parties from a traditionally two-party to a three-party system,” and added that “This definitely will send super shock waves through the 2024 presidential and legislature elections.” He further mentions that “These have wiped out the efforts of DPP chairman William Lai Ching-te in the past six months to gain support from voters,” Among the reasons why KMT has lost support, You says that the infighting between the party over their Presidential Candidate as well as the selection of Taipei Mayor as their Presidential Candidate has made them lose support.

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