UK satellite
UK satellite

We know that the situation between China and Taiwan is not the greatest it has ever been but it is also seen that both the sides are showing a great amount of restraint at the moment which is surely a positive sign for the citizens of both these countries. Talking about Taiwan, it is worth noting that there will be elections on the island nation early next year which will decide the next President of Taiwan and, as we reported yesterday, the polls show that Taiwan’s current ruling party is set to come to power again next year which means that William Lai will become the next Taiwan President. This is become Taiwan’s President Tsai will end her term after the elections and she can’t compete for the role of Presidency due to Taiwanese rules.

We know that the current ruling party of Taiwan will do everything to gain support of the people of Taiwan and that is what they are doing. Taiwan’s Government has just announced that the island nation will be covered by a UK satellite by the end of this year. This satellite is powered by a UK service provider named OneWeb and that it will provide the services to Taiwan as well. It is worth noting that the recent visit by Taiwan’s Minister of Digital Affairs to the UK was for this reason only. During his visit, Taiwan’s Digital Affairs Minister visited the OneWeb office in the UK and held talks with the officials.

He also mentioned that “the service expansion will provide more options for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites to Taiwan”. It is worth noting that OneWeb satellite service is backed by the UK Government which should definitely trigger China as the UK does not recognize Taiwan as an ally since China has a One-China policy and it considers Taiwan as part of its territory. However, during Taiwan Digital Affairs Minister’s visit to the UK, Tom Tugendhat, Britain’s security minister, met Tang on Wednesday to discuss mutual security interests which is definitely something out of UK’s conventional foreign policy and there is a risk of harming relations with China.

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