Taiwan DPP
Taiwan DPP

Taiwan’s latest survey regarding the Presidential Elections showed that support for Taiwan’s DPP is constantly declining which is not good for Tsai Ing-wen and her party as they go to elections next year after eight consecutive years in office. The head of the Taiwan International Strategic Study Society, a think tank from Taipei, said, “With the DPP having the majority in the legislature, there is little room for the opposition to exercise their checks and balances, meaning the DPP government can choose to pass the bills and decrees it desires. This is what voters dislike most,”

“With the disapproval 16.5 percentage points more than the approval, the polling signals that President Tsai Ing-wen is embroiled in a new administrative predicament.” Michael You Ying-lung said that “because of her role as president and her rank within the DPP, Tsai’s plunging popularity and support could cause collateral damage for the ruling party and impact its chances in January’s elections. He added, “The drop of her approval rating might not fare well for the DPP. This is something worth noting”. He also said that “a closer look at the approval rating of Premier Chen Chien-jen, who was appointed by Tsai eight months ago to lead the cabinet, could offer clues as to why the public has been dissatisfied with Tsai’s performance”.

You mentioned that “This of course is another piece of bad news for the ruling party in terms of the 2024 presidential and legislative elections”. The results also revealed that 43.8 percent were dissatisfied with the cabinet’s performance, meaning more people were upset by the administration of the Tsai government. The survey also asked voters whether they support the continued governance of the DPP in 2024. A total of 53.5 percent of respondents said they were opposed to the DPP staying in control of the government, compared to 34.7 percent who wanted the party to stay put. You also said that “This means the eight-year spell has shown its power as Taiwan society is filled with expectations of a fourth transfer of government,” meaning that next year, the trend from 2000 will continue where a government will be changed after two terms.

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