US Taiwan trade deal
US Taiwan trade deal

It is worth noting that while the entire world is worried about the tensions between China and Taiwan and have been cautioning them about the imminent attack from the Chinese side in order to include Taiwan inside its territory, it seems as if Taiwan is least bothered about all these threats and is instead instigating China even more. The latest incident of Taiwan and US partnership was announced recently as both the sides signed a trade deal which is called as the “most comprehensive” trade agreement between both the sides since 1979. Sam Michel, spokesperson of the US Trade Representative press office said that this trade agreement is “intended to strengthen and deepen the economic and trade relationship”

“We thank our Taiwan partners for helping us reach this important milestone and look forward to upcoming negotiations on additional trade areas outlined in the initiative’s negotiating mandate,.” It is worth noting that while Washington and Taipei do not have official diplomatic relations, they maintain unofficial ties through the de facto US embassy on the island, the American Institute in Taiwan. Taiwan cabinet spokesperson spoke to the press ahead of signing of this deal and said that “The deal that will be signed tonight is not only very historic but also signals a new beginning.” He added that “Relevant tasks are yet to be completed … Taiwan will continue to move towards a comprehensive FTA [free trade agreement] with the United States to ensure Taiwan’s economic security,”.

Obviously, this trade agreement between US and Taiwan has not gone down well with the Chinese side, and they have already issued a warning to both Taiwan and the US. China already claims that the US is trying to interfere in its personal matters by taking Taiwan’s side and supplying them with arms and have also mentioned that all this is being done for their own benefit as well. China has warned the US to not sign any agreement “with connotations of sovereignty or of an official nature with China’s Taiwan region”. China said that the US “must not send the wrong signals to Taiwan independence forces in the name of trade”.

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