JP Morgan CEO
JP Morgan CEO

You must be aware that the tensions between Taiwan and China have reached a new height as the US interference in these tensions is not liked by the Chinese side at all. It is interesting to note that Taiwan just inked an agreement for trade between them and the US which has raised serious eyebrows in China and the Chinese side have also issued a warning which has been ignored by the US. It seems like the Chinese side is not able to do anything to stop the US from getting inside Taiwan as it eyes the semiconductor industry of Taiwan due to its huge demand right now and in the future.

Talking about the tensions and interference of the US and its officials, it is worth noting that JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon is set to visit Taiwan next week. However, Dimon is set to visit Taiwan after meeting Chinese officials in Shanghai during his visit to the JP Morgan Summit. Dimon’s planned visit to Taiwan is not to meet with Taiwanese officials but it is reported that he will meet the bank’s staff as well as customers during his visit.

During his visit to China, Dimon said that “his company remains committed to doing business in the Communist Party-ruled nation, despite the deterioration in China-US relations”. It is worth noting that the JP Morgan Summit was attended by the world leaders including Elon Musk too. Dimon is not the only executive from the US to visit Taiwan this week as we saw Nvidia’s CEO get a rockstar reception in Taiwan as well as the ARM CEO who paid a visit to Taiwan earlier this week as well.

When asked about his future, Dimon said that he plans to remain at the top of JP Morgan for the next five years at least. But this is a running joke as Dimon has always said he will remain for the next five years whenever he is asked. Dimon also says that a thought about “running for public office has come to his mind” but he is also quick to shut down speculation about a run for Presidency.

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