We know that the relations between the two countries namely Taiwan and India are not the greatest because of the fact that India considers Taiwan to be part of China and follows the one-China policy which is prepared by China. But it is worth noting that the relations between China and India are, and have been, tense in the last few years ever since the Chinese invaded a part of India and claimed it as its own. Now, it is a constant fight between the two countries as to who owns that land. The situation is same at the Nepal border as well as other borders close to China and India such as Bhutan.

Due to these tensions, India is now looking to establish stronger ties with Taiwan which it did not consider to be a separate country until now. If India supports Taiwan like the US then it means that the relations between China and India will deteriorate even further which is not what the Indian Government would be willing to do. However, we have reports that Taiwan is going to open a representative office in Mumbai which is said to be the financial capital of India and one of its metro cities as well.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that “preparations to establish a Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Mumbai were underway as part of government efforts to facilitate bilateral exchanges in the areas of technology” and added that “the planned office will be its first overseas outpost in India since the opening of a representative office in Chennai in 2012. Taiwan’s main representative office in India is in the country’s capital, New Delhi”.

While the details of what this representative office would be for is not disclosed, MOFA says that it would provide consular, emergency and other services to nearby states of India such as Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra and others. MOFA also did not reveal when the office will be opened but it is definitely a step in the direction of closer ties between the two countries despite the danger of this move getting China’s wrath.

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