Taiwan undersea cables
Taiwan undersea cables

You must have seen by now that the threat of a war between China and Taiwan is imminent and it is also not a case of mere words that China might invade Taiwan because the CCP has pledged to bring back Taiwan to China and it also believes that Taiwan is already a part of China and it just needs to reunite the island. Now, we already know that the majority of people in Taiwan don’t want to be reunited with China because of the way Chinese are treated under the CCP regime. Taiwanese people know freedom which is the reason why they don’t want to lose it.

However, it is seen that the threat from China is worrisome and Taiwan will be left defenseless once China plans to invade them. This is the reason why Taiwan is preparing for all the possible scenarios and one of them is the communication blackout. It was seen that there was a total shutdown of communication between Taiwan and other nations when the 2006 earthquake hit the island nation as subsea cables were damaged which took weeks to repair. Also, two of the boats carrying Chinese flags severed internet cables at the Matsu Island in Taiwan which cut communication between mainland Taiwan and the Matsu Island.

Due to these reasons, Taiwan’s Ministry of Digital Affairs says that she wants to see her country handle the possible collapse of its communications by the end of next year in the case of a natural calamity or a conflict. Tang said “The enemy knows where the island’s key facilities are because the information is public. So we can assume that they’re going to be disrupted, jammed, or destroyed in a huge earthquake.” Having said that, Tang also knows that building such resilience in such a short period of time is likely an impossible task. Tang says that they have learned “How to manage the expectation on reduced bandwidth, how to prioritize the bandwidth use, which uses are OK to have a slightly higher latency, and so on.” which will be helpful for them in building the infrastructure that they need going forward.

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