US sending weapons to Taiwan
US sending weapons to Taiwan

You must have heard already about the fact that the US is preparing to send a huge set of weapons and artillery which will help them fight the dangers from China and also provide more strength to its army to be prepared for whatever situation they have in front of them. However, we do know that no one gives anything for free in this day and age and the US is also not doing any kind of charity right now. Since the US is sending weapons to Taiwan same as what it is doing with Ukraine, it wants to have the benefits from these countries as well.

As far as Ukraine is concerned, the US wants to show Russia that they can do whatever they can to protect Ukraine and indirectly fight with them. With Taiwan, the US wants to tell China that they are ready to do whatever they can to protect Taiwan. However, an ex Taiwanese defence minister says that accepting free weapons from US will have a hidden price tag to it. Taiwan’s current head of Veterans Affairs Council says that “If you suddenly receive such free aid, you need to pay a certain unthinkable price,” but he refuses to elaborate on what that price could be.

On the question of whether he meant that price could be war, he said “I believe we would not be that stupid, and that there should be some choices.” Obviously, the ex defence minister of Taiwan sees what is coming if a war between China and Taiwan breaks out with an assistance from the US to Taiwan. He does not want to say it but he does feel that the interference of the US in China-Taiwan matters could make things worse for the island nation.

Taiwan’s current defense minister said that “These extra weapons will be given to us for free and will not be deducted from the purchase list which has been delayed by the US,” and added that “These [extra] weapons will be items readily available in the US inventory,” mentioning that when this weapons will be delivered is for the US to decide.

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