Taiwan leak
Taiwan leak

You must have seen that the tensions between Taiwan and China are not going to be eased anytime soon as both the parties are not willing to budge even an inch and it is also seen that the Taiwan elections coming early next year will also change the dynamic between these two countries if the current Government is re-elected because the Chinese side have already said that they don’t support the current Government or the upcoming Presidential candidate from their party. China have even gone on to say that they believe William Lai is not fit to be the President of Taiwan alleging that he will sell the island nation to US and others.

However, it is worth noting that Taiwan’s official documents which are extremely confidential have been leaked and released on an online message board 8kun, similar to Discord. Now, it is extremely concerning that such official documents meant to be sensitive for diplomacy have been leaked and it is definitely someone from the inside who has done this. While not officially, Taiwan’s official said that initial findings suggest that these documents “are real while bits were forged” and also added that they have launched an investigation into this matter to find out who is the culprit in this incident.

Talking about the leaked documents, they are said to be “diplomatic cables and classified reports on the island’s sensitive bid to join a global trade pact” which tells you that this could do more harm than good as they are now leaked. Taiwan’s National Security Bureau said that “it was aware of “suspected government documents” posted online and that relevant government authorities were “investigating and dealing with the source of such information””. NSB also mentioned that they are investigating whether or not China was involved in this leak or not. Now, we know that Chinese hackers have been causing a whole lot of problems in many parts of the world including India where IPs originating from China are known to trespass systems and release documents which are meant to be confidential. Since they are from foreign territory, there is nothing that can be done to them.

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