taiwan island
taiwan island

We know that the situation between Taiwan and China is tense at the moment, and it has been that since the island nation was self ruled since the 1949 civil war. Now, we don’t want to talk a lot about the past but we do know that the last few years have not been well for the countries politically. It is also known that the next few years might not go down well for the two sides if the current government is re-elected as the Chinese have already said that they do not have any trust on William Lai who is the presidential candidate for Taiwan’s DPP in 2024 elections.

Talking about the latest report, it is noted that a Chinese man swam across the ocean to Taiwan’s Matsu island in what is said to be a nearly 10 hour swim from Fujian Province. It is also said that this act was done by the Chinese man in order to “seek freedom” presumably from the Chinese authorities as Taiwan is believed to be a free state compared to China. However, it was unfortunate that the man, while swimming, was stung by a bee and had to ask locals for help. This Chinese man, said to be in his 40s, sought help at the Beigan Island.

After helping this man, the locals at the island reported this man to the local authorities as he seemed to be from outside Taiwan. CNA reports that he is identified as an illegal Chinese immigrant. The authorities took him to a local healthcare facility and his injuries are not deemed to be serious which means that he will now be detained and examined as to why he swam across the ocean to reach Taiwan.

It is reported that “The man carried dry food, clothing, medicine, and Renminbi” and “He was taken to Lienchiang district prosecutor’s office for investigation in accordance with the Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area”. It is to be noted that such an incident has not happened for the first time as in 2020, a Chinese man was arrested after swimming for 7 hours to reach Taiwan’s Kinmen county.

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