Taiwan metoo wave
Taiwan metoo wave

If you have been following the news since a while now, you would know that a recently-released Netflix series in Taiwan brought a wave of #MeToo allegations along with it as the Taiwanese people realized that the same has happened to them as well and they need to come out and talk about their experience and this has led to many in the current Taiwanese Government resigning as well. It has also led to allegations among various celebrities. Also, these wave of #MeToo allegations has made the people realize that the current sexual harassment punishment is not enough and this has been considered by the Taiwanese President and her Government too.

Taiwan’s Government has just made amendments to the punishments for sexual harassment and we now know that there are much stricter punishments that can be given to anyone who performs such a disturbing act. As per reports, “The maximum jail term has been increased from two to three years, while the top fine has been doubled to NT$1 million (US$32,000). Victims also have more time to file a complaint – seven years instead of three”. These are revisions made to Sexual Harassment Prevention Act and the Gender Equality in Employment Act that were passed by the legislature in Taipei on Monday.

Also, the new revisions state that “immediate action – such as an investigation – must be taken by superiors, supervisors or managers of any organisation to handle harassment complaints made by colleagues and staff. Failure to do so will be subject to a fine of NT$20,000 to NT$1 million. Any organisation with a staff of 10 to 29 must set up a complaint system to deal with sexual harassment allegations, as was already required for those with more than 30 employees. The legislation also bars media outlets, individuals or groups from revealing the personal data of victims. A fine of up to NT$600,000 applies for doing so”. It is worth noting, however, that no complaints will be taken which date back 10 years or more even as per the new revisions but we feel that is enough time already. It is worth noting that Taiwan’s Presidential Elections are taking place next year.

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