Collaborating with 32 Organizations and Showcasing 100 Featured Taiwan Startups

TAIPEI, Jan, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In 2020, the global economy faced the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the US-China trade war.

While economies around the world were critically affected, Taiwan was able to break through the predicament and make extraordinary advances in foreign trade and industry development.

Innovation plays a pivotal role in achieving such incredible results.

In particular, Taiwan’s flourishing startups are an essential cog in the driving of the economy and the country’s industrial upgrading and transformation.

At CES 2021, the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) was supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) along with 31 organizations and the 100 featured high-potential Taiwanese startups.

The TTA Taiwan Tech Pavilion was the place to witness the amazing innovative energy of Taiwan.

TTA supports Taiwanese startups to shine

Zheng-Zhong Wu, Minister of Science and Technology (MOST), indicated that it is necessary to establish the “Taiwan 2030 Science and Technology Vision” by contributing six significant issues.

The sectors included deepening the biotech and medical industries, developing Generation A Semiconductor Technology, encouraging digital transformation, building a 6G network, establishing reliable information security, and constructing a complete network infrastructure.

To reach the six primary goals, “technology startups” are one of the key players.

After years of efforts made by MOST, the momentum of innovation in Taiwan is vibrant.

Take this year’s CES 2021, for example; the “TTA Taiwan Technology Pavilion” was a great way to leverage digital marketing and showcase the significant potential of Taiwan’s innovative energy.

The journey to connect resources of the world with Taiwanese startups continues.

iStaging virtual pavilion of Taiwan Startups

By entering the “TTA Taiwan Technology Pavilion” curated by MOST and iStaging, a Taiwanese AR/VR startup, visitors can turn on full screen mode to enjoy the 360 degree virtual environment.

The five major virtual stages include Healthcare & Wellness, Smart Living, Cybersecurity & Cloud Solution, Tech for Good, and Mobility Tech.

Facilitated by the customized digital marketing resources of MOST, participants can meet virtually with peerless startups such as 3drens, AV Mapping, Additive Intelligence, P-Waver, Agromeans (MeansGood), Aiphas, AuthMe, BayPay, etc.

Each of the featured startups is presenting exclusive innovative products, services, and solutions.

In addition to the cutting-edge products, this virtual pavilion also features “TourRing.” This online touring service not only supports cross-regional/international remote viewing but also spontaneously introduces products, exhibitors, and booths with images. TourRing allows visitors to find products of interest quickly.

Moreover, the exhibiting startups can monitor the online traffic and retrieve data from the back-end analysis platform, including messages, likes, countries of origin, dwelling time, and further contact with potential buyers to create business opportunities.

Technology startups are the key driving force for a country’s economic growth and industry upgrading and transformation.

In the past few years, MOST has been actively promoting various innovation and entrepreneurship related policies, and has successfully commercialized numerous scientific research opportunities.

MOST’s efforts have thus brought endless stamina into economic growth and industrial development in Taiwan.

By looking forward to the future, MOST will continue to optimize innovation and entrepreneurship policies, and will further facilitate digital marketing solutions, like the TTA Taiwan Technology Pavilion at CES 2021, to unveil the best Taiwanese startups to the world.

TTA – VR Pavilion:

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