The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) of the Taichung City Government conducts biannual inspections on three incineration facilities within its jurisdiction.

Among them, the Wen-Shan incineration plant has executed its first maintenance operation this year – in May – and is now functioning normally.

 The department further explained that the government arranges semi-annual inspections each year, in which all plants have to halt their operations, renew equipment, and strengthen maintenance to ensure that the machines are in stable condition.

The Wen-Shan incineration plant, just as in previous years, complied with the first part of the maintenance plan on May 27th and resumed operations the next day.

 Recently, there has been an issue whereby some workers in the waste collection industry continuously sent out misinformation, blaming the suspension of the Wen-Shan plant for delaying waste disposal.

In response, the government highlighted and explained the current situation, thereby requesting workers to update their information.

Furthermore, Director Wu Chih-Chao of the Department of Environmental Protection encouraged all citizens and apartment complexes to implement practices of recycling.

He also promised that the city government will strictly enforce the supervision of the waste process in the hope of making Taichung a better and cleaner community. 

 As of today, all three of the incineration facilities in Taichung City have completed their regular examinations scheduled in the first half of the year, and waste collection processes in the city have already returned to normal.

Should citizens have questions relating to the maintenance of the plants, or about the waste collection process in Taichung, they can dial 04-2227-6011, extension 67112 to receive direct assistance from the city government.

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