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Swedish PM Andersson resigns after defeat

Swedish PM’s government suffered a defeat on Sunday. After the election loss, PM Andersson resigned from her post. She was the first female Prime Minister of Sweden. Her center-left bloc lost by a tiny margin of 3 votes. The right-wing was the opposition.

Sweden has no successor as of now. Ulf Kristersson can now form the new government. He is from the right wing. It also houses the far-right wing known as Sweden Democrats. They have continued to raise their voices against gang shootings.

Magdalena Andersson is a prominent member of the Social Democrats. Though she gained votes compared to the last election, this is a big blow to her. But Social Democrats are the largest party in Sweden.

Sweden follows a different system. Elections happen, but bloc politics decide who gets to become the PM. This is quite normal in Sweden. The final result is due after recounting. Recounting is also quite normal in Sweden.

Swedish PM accepted her defeat during a press conference. The next day, she submitted her resignation. She said that they have a bonus of one or two seats. She said that it is a majority, however small it is. Gangs, electricity prices, and other issues clogged this election.

This is one of the most important turning points for Sweden. Sweden Democrats had no control over Sweden at one time. They were very weak politically. But now, they won 20% of the seats. They want to make Sweden “safe again” by implementing longer punishments.

The Sweden Democrats came to life in the 1980s. It came from a neo-nazi movement. The party has gained huge momentum while trying to form a good image. It is difficult to determine the orientation of the party. The policies are right-wing, but on some select issues, it appears left-wing.

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