Supreme Court

Supreme Court has made a monumental decision in favor of the Democrats. The tax returns of Donald Trump will now go into the hands of the Democrats. This is a major setback for Trump and his party. A congressional committee will look into it.

The Democratic panel had earlier requested the records of Mr. Trump. But Trump tried to get away with this. A lower-level court gave the orders. But Trump’s bid was overthrown by the justices. Donald Trump is beyond shock as he has not shown his returns for a long time now.

Donald Trump holds a special record in place. He became the first president in 40 years not to release taxes after announcing his bid. The Ways and Means Committee of the House also wanted to access his records. Now, the Supreme Court has made that dream a reality.

Trump is facing severe pressure these days. Lots of investigations are underway. But he denies his involvement in any case whatsoever. The Supreme Court’s ruling did not spark any outrage or protests of any kind. Now, the US Treasury department should deliver the returns to the committee.

Donald Trump was almost successful in his plan. But Supreme Court foiled it at the last moment. The Democrats don’t have much time left to uncover evidence. They need to do something before the Republicans take control of the House. Many people believe that this is a pointless effort by the Democrats. But some believe it is enough to find mistakes.

Trump was also able to get away with some victories. He used his influence in the Supreme Court to help him later. He appointed three justices who helped clear him from the charges. With that, Trump says that the hunt for his tax returns is a political motivation.

We cannot find out if it is political or not. In the present world, whatever parties do have political intentions. The good old days of honesty and diligence in working for the common people are long gone. America should also stand out in this context as a role model.

Credits: BBC

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