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JAKARTA, Indonesia, April 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PT. Lacak Cipta Aktual, an Indonesian Internet of Things (IoT) startup, is supporting the government’s “100 Smart Cities Movement” by making it easy and cost-effective for Indonesian cities to adopt IoT across various sectors.

Lacak.io IoT Platform
Lacak.io IoT Platform

The startup aims to accelerate the industry 4.0, by providing IoT applications to deliver increased productivity and efficiency in services such as mining, citizen engagement, and food security, albeit at lower costs and with faster onboarding processes.

Fariz Iskandar, Founder and CEO of Lacak.io, said, “IoT and other Industry 4.0 technologies must augment human work that is the lifeblood of cities, such as responsive emergency services and up-to-date communication with communities and businesses.

At Lacak.oi, both our fleet and field service management solutions are easily translatable to industries where transportation and worker resource allocations are key, such as mining, plantations, and the public sector,” he added.

Land access to rural areas has been the most critical issue in the mining sector.

Connectivity issues as well as mining maps that are not up-to-date hinder effectiveness in operations. Lacak.io’s Fleet Management System helps map optimal routes for deliveries with the aid of GPS-enabled sensors and geofencing.

Fuel usage and loads are optimized with Lacak.io’s fuel and axle load sensors that immediately send fleet information to headquarters.

“Data collected is automatically managed using Big Data, blockchain and cloud technologies towards improving scheduling and loading. Soon, we will no longer see long queues of overloaded mining trucks at ports or plants,” Fariz said.

Meaningful digitization initiatives are also applied to the government officials and public sector, such as utilizing Lacak.io’s smart technology to help schedule public transport resources, while maximizing fuel usage.

“We apply Field Service Management (FSM) solution to encourage accountability and transparency in government, ensuring local government workers respond efficiently to citizen complaints, complete needful repairs or escalate issues to relevant agencies in line with client charters,” added Fariz.

With FSM solution, Lacak.io also validates data using blockchain in multi finance sectors, while offering companies an on-premise solution that keeps customer data onsite. Besides protecting data, it also reduces the risk of human error in inputting data, while freeing up workers to do more productive efforts such as case management.

Digitizing agriculture

The second largest contributor to Indonesia’s economy is the agriculture, yet its labor-intensive nature and dependence on millions of smallholder farmers require IoT that improve farming and harvesting efficiency.

Backed by Big Data, Lacak.io’s smart farming technology improves productivity by digitizing the plantation process from fertilization to harvest time while monitoring crop and yields using dedicated sensors that measure light, humidity, temperature, and soil moisture.

For deliveries, Lacak.io’s GPS vehicle tracking helps farmers manage fleets and monitor cold storage trucks to ensure that their produce remains fresh at all times.

“Lacak.io is ready to aid these transformations, backed by our fleet and field service management solutions that make IoT onboarding a breeze while saving costs and gleaning meaningful data that influence organizational decision-making,” Fariz said.

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