Biden agrees to hold a summit to discuss the crisis with Putin. The White House put forward a condition for the summit. The condition was that the summit would take place if Russia did not invade its neighbor.

Meanwhile, Kremlin said there were no concrete plans for the summit. Such talks can bring a possible diplomatic solution. And that would bring peace to one of the worst security crises in Europe.

US officials said Russia is ready to launch a military operation. The proposed summit came to light after the phone calls. The conversation was between President Emmanuel Macron and Mr. Putin.

The second exchange took place in the early hours of Monday Moscow time. Following this was a 15-minute conversation Mr. Macron had with Mr. Biden.

Mr. Macron’s office shared details of the possible summit. White House gave the statement on Russia being a fully prepared assault on Ukraine. The US, in response, will also be ready to impose swift and severe consequences on Russia.

According to US estimation, 150,000 troops are close to Ukraine’s borders. Maxar, a US-based company, informed new satellite imagery of military readiness. The French presidency also says that both nations are ready to return to the negotiation table.

The resumption of talks is going to be through Normandy Format. However, this is a group created to resolve conflict in eastern Ukraine. This includes Russia, Ukraine, France, and Germany. Putin agreed on the need to prioritize a solution. He also said that intense work would lead to a solution.

Spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated the need for dialogue exchange among the foreign ministers. He also added meeting is possible if heads of state consider it appropriate.

An unnamed intelligence office also told CNN close to 75% of Russia’s conventional forces were now poised at the Ukrainian border.

Putin still demands assurance that Nato will not admit Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Western alliance denies that it poses any threat to Russia. Fears around the invasion and the war will be bloodier. This is going to be a more intense conflict killing at least 14,000 lives.

Credits: BBC

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