Canada parliament

Canada parliament backs off the government’s decision to impose emergency powers. This was in response to dealing with weeks-long protest blockades. This motion got passed by 185 votes to 151.

This was with the support of liberals and the left-leaning NDP. By the weekend, police cleared the protest site in Ottawa around Canada parliament hill.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau brings into effect the Emergencies Act. The liberal prime minister spoke in support of the temporary emergency measures. He mentioned that the situation around the country is still fragile.

He further added that the need to stop to prevent new blockades. Members of the Conservative Party voted against the Emergencies Act motion. The Bloc Quebecois did the same.

The emergencies Act passed in 1988. It gives the government added powers during a national crisis. This is not used before ever. These powers expire after 30 days unless renewed.

It has been in use for a week to impose strict bans on public assembly in some areas of Ottawa. This was also to prohibit travel to protest areas. This included foreign nationals, among other measures. It also gives the right to Canada Parliament to freeze bank accounts.

The federal government said that it had frozen around 76 accounts connected with protests. This represented C$3.2m ($2.5m; £1.8m) under the emergency measures. The protest began as a group of trucks moved to Ottawa to protest a vaccine mandate. This directive was for truckers crossing the US-Canada border.

This grew further into a bigger opposition to pandemic restrictions from Trudeau’s government. The protest got huge support across the country. By mid-February, Authorities cleared the most damaging blockade. This blockade included a bridge linking Windsor, Ontario, with the US state of Michigan.

Truckers’ protests at Coutts, Alberta, Surrey, British Columbia, and Emerson, Manitoba ended later. Further, police moved to clear the Ottawa protest zone, which captured much of the city center. The police made 191 arrests and removed dozens of vehicles.

Credits: BBC

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