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One of the final pro-democracy media institutions in Hong Kong, Stand News, is closing after police raided and arrested senior staff. Hong Kong Police detained seven individuals, both former and current workers, for fraud to release seditious publications. Because of the circumstances, Stand News is discontinuing operations instantly, the institution announced in a Facebook post.

Over 200 police were sent to invade the publication’s department. The Hong Kong cop announced in a statement that the government authorized them to inquire and take related journalistic materials. In a Facebook post, Stand News announced it would not modernize its site and eliminate its social media subject.

This morning, the cops imprisoned several former senior staff and senior staff of the corporation. They took several individuals away to help in the inquiry, the announcement reads. It adds that they seized documents and computers from its department and that it would help the cops with their investigation.

The arrested individuals’ age is between 34 and 73 years old. They comprise Patrick Lam, Chung Pui-Kuen, as well as Denise Ho. Police also arrested other board units, Chow Tat-chi, Christine Fang, and Margaret Ng. The individuality of the seventh individual jailed has not been noted. Chief Secretary of cop John Lee told during a press meeting that he aided the cop’s operation against the news platform.

The Basic Law came into impact when the government handed back Hong Kong to China from Britain. It safeguards rights such as freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Hong Kong councils have increasingly cracked down on disagreement in the town, following a load of federal security law.

The questionable law illegalizes secession, subversion, and conspiracy with foreign armies. It holds a maximum sentence of existence in jail. Critics assert the law effectively lessens Hong Kong’s judicial independence and makes it simpler to punish activists and demonstrators.

Credits: BBC

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