Afghan president

The former Afghan president has ensured his ruling to leave the nation as the Taliban shut-in earlier this year. He said he committed it to stave off the devastation of Kabul. The Taliban took power after seizing the management of the capital.

Ashraf Ghani disclosed that when he woke on 15 August, he was clueless that it was his last day in the country. It was just when his aircraft left Kabul that he felt he was leaving, Mr. Ghani noted on BBC Radio 4’s Today program.

People heavily accused and criticized him for abandoning the nation at that time. He is presently in the United Arab Emirates. Mr. Ghani also brought the statements in discussion with Gen Sir Nick Carter. Gen Sir Nick Carter is the former Chief of the Defense Staff in the UK. On Thursday, he was guest-editing the Today program.

As the day began, Mr. Ghani remembered, Taliban soldiers had decided not to reach Kabul. However, after two hours, this was not the possibility. In the wake of his escape, many Afghanistan people criticized the Afghan President. Even his vice-president Amrullah Saleh criticized him and called it shameful. However, the Taliban didn’t attack Afghanistan in a day.

But several insist Ashraf Ghani’s unexpected secret escape on 15 August scuppered a contract. They scuppered the deal to ensure a more standardized transition. The Taliban were sure to dominate. However, the space generated by the person who’d continually pledged to battle to the death worsened the disarray. The government will dissect his latest profile and reject it for a long time to reach.

What occurred in the end, Mr. Ghani noted, was a brutal coup, not a political arrangement? The same day Mr. Ghani fled Kabul, the Taliban seized control. Three months on, Mr. Ghani states he is ready to accept the responsibility for some aspects which caused the fall of Kabul. Nonetheless, he also said that his life’s work is not the same anymore.

Credits: BBC

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