The former parliament of Australia, building in Canberra, briefly formed a light on Thursday by protest marchers during an exhibition for Aboriginal sovereignty. Protest chaos on this order is unusual in Australia. However, flare-ups are becoming more common. Some of the protest marchers had recognized themselves as an aspect of sovereign citizen and anti-government groups.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison denounced the chaos. He said this is not how Australia operates. He added, the behavior appalled and disgusted him. However, it would observe Australians arrive and set blaze to such a character of democracy in this nation. The police quickly removed the employees inside the heritage facility once the blaze broke out on Thursday.

The present inhabitants of the facility, the Museum of Australian Democracy, had closed its doors on 20th December after indigenous protest marchers seized a peaceful sit-in. The museum also noted that it identified protesters’ rights to a quiet riot. It has not yet dealt with Thursday’s riot. Indigenous protesters are holding exhibitions in the lead-up to the 50th anniversary of the organization of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy on the old parliament’s front yards.

The tent embassy was a riot occupation website that began a national conversation about indigenous land liberties. It is also a lasting fixture on the yards outside Old Parliament House. ACT or Australian Capital Territory Police noted that activity had increased at the site in recent weeks. In 1988, Australia’s parliament shifted to a new facility a short distance away on Capital Hill. However, the Old Parliament House has stayed as a national heritage site and museum.

Government legislators criticized the invasion on Thursday, with many describing it as an assault on democracy. Setting ablaze to a facility is not a legal riot; it is a violation. Deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce tweeted this. MP Michael McCormack also noted that the old Parliament House is in a blaze with marchers shouting, “Let it burn! Let it burn!” How shameful.

Credits: BBC

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