Erigavo (PP News Desk) — Somaliland will increase the number of its seaports if the plan to turn Maydh into a thriving fishing port takes off.

Somaliland Minister for Livestock and Animal Husbandry Saeed Sulub has laid the foundation stone of the ‘new’ Maydh Fishing Port in Sanaag.

The Somaliland Development Fund, a flagship development and reconstruction initiative, will fund the construction of the port.

“I am pleased to launch the construction of the Maydh Fishing Port. Somaliland Government will promote fish consumption” said Saeed Sulub.

SDF will fund the construction of Maydh Fishing Port.

“The project will remarkably contribute to the socio-economic development of Eastern Somaliland regions. The construction will last for one year. By December 2021, we hope to officially open the port” said Najah Mohamud Adam, the Deputy Director of Somaliland Development Fund.

“The port will (project) 167 metres into the sea and will be big enough to enable two boats to unload in the port” (at one time) said one of the officers overseeing the project.

Also on hand to brief project funders on the project specifications was a representative from Kinetic Engineering, the construction company.

Saeed Sulub: Somaliland Government will promote fish consumption.

“Kinetic Engineering is a company owned by citizens and foreign investors. We are committed to implementing the project in line with the agreed timescale and in accordance with specifications” said a representative from Kinetic Engineering and Construction Company.

Local mayor of Erigavo, Ismail Haji Nor, thanked the Somaliland government for launching the project. “This is the foundation stone of a fishing port. We are hoping it will lead to the construction of a bigger port” said the mayor.

Maydh Port will benefit from its proximity to Sool, Togdheer and the Bari regions in addition to infrastructure projects such as the Erigavo-Burao and Eldahir-Erigavo road projects.

“Maydh Port will be able to compete with established ports such as Bosaso” said a member of the Maydh District Council.

This article first appeared in the © Puntland Post, 2020 and is republished with permission.

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