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Germany’s social democratic party has claimed victory in the federal election. The outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel will no longer be in power. SPD leader Olaf Scholz has a clear mandate to form a government. However, his conservative rival Armin Laschet remained determined to fight.

The two parties have functioned in their governance for two years. But Mr. Scholz says that this is the time to form a new coalition with liberals and Greens.

Preliminary results have given his party a narrow election win over the conservatives who have suffered from the worst performance. The Greens and pro-business FDP has also attracted the most support from the under -the 30s. The election has faced a dominance from climate change. The Greens made history with 15% of the vote.

It was much of a tight race in years. It has also brought an end to the post-war domination of two parties – SPD and CDU.

Exit polls have predicted a dead heat. The election was quite unpredictable from the very beginning. The result was never going to be the end of the entire story. The outgoing chancellor is going nowhere until the formation of the coalition.

However, the main parties now want a new government in place as Germany has taken over the leadership in the G7 group of nations.

The task of the next chancellor is to lead the foremost economy of Europe over the next five years, with climate change at the top of the agenda.

The Social Democratic Party supporters of Mr. Scholz greeted him in raptures. He said that more parties were in his party, Greens and liberals. It is the time for conservatives to take down.

It is for the first time when Germany is facing a three-way coalition. But this country has now entered into a new political era.

Beyond its four mainstream parties, it was quite a bad night for the radical left. It was a patchy night on the right. Left-wing Die Linke has fallen below 5% from his requirement to get into the parliament. But he has survived as it secured three direct mandates AfD is all set to become the largest party in the eastern states of Thuringia and Saxony.

Credits: BBC

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