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GUANG’AN, China, Feb. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With the first winds of Spring having passed, and with the Spring Festival approaching, Sichuan is encouraging people to pay a real life and / or virtual visit to their own Spring Festival by way of joining their “Staying in Sichuan, Traveling in Sichuan” festivities.

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During the Spring Festival, there are 16 online and offline events being prepared, covering award-winning interactive events, art exhibitions, an online Spring Festival gala, tourism discounts, and fun activities at popular Guang’an tourist attractions.

The online events are mainly featured as “the ‘Cloud’ series of cultural events” featuring an award-winning interactive quiz called “Happy Guang’an Cultural Year ‘Guessing Folklore’ ” and an app named “Guang’an Tours Via Mobile Phones”, which invites visitors to celebrate the Spring Festival from wherever they may be in the world.

The event also features a Spring Festival art exhibition called “2021 ‘Guang’an Paintings’ “; the fifth Guang’an Spring Festival online gala and the third rural Spring Festival gala named “@ Gaozhu New District ‘Cloud’ Performance“; and a stage art boutique exhibition named “Follow the Party forever to commemorate the 100th anniversary, welcome the Spring Festival and celebrate the New Year“.

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Also, on the agenda is a display of a New Year’s greetings video from the Cultural Radio And Television and Tourist Administration of Guang’an, an original music show named “play the song and see the evidence of love”, and an activity named “Historical relics and Guang’an memories”.

Offline events include a tour of the Mengtian Sea of Flowers; an art exhibition of Chinese Ox zodiac cultural relics, an exhibition of the film and television works of Mr. Bao Zhensai, and the 2021 Lantern Festival Lantern Riddle game, along with much more.

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