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Ukraine officials reported a missile and drone attack on Friday. According to the reports, it fired 60 missiles and drone attacks in the capital Kyiv and all the major cities in the North, South, center, and West.

Two reported deaths by the drone attack in Kryvyi Rih hit a building and three other casualties in Kherson.

Russian attacks are growing in the last week, with them attacking civilian infrastructures and public facilities. The attacks lead to a complete power down in Kharkiv and many other regions in the cold winters.

A presidential official says that the state is going through an emergency power crisis. The power commission of Ukraine Ukrenergo also reported that the power consumption has fallen to half in the past few days after the attack by the Russian missile and drone on Friday.

According to Yuriy Ignat, a Ukraine air force spokesman, there were a total of 60 missiles, of which 40 alone were for the capital. The air defense system destroyed 37 missiles, but one rocket still hit a residential building in the capital. There were two victims of the residential building missile attack, which wounded eight people.

The Russians are attacking the essential facilities on purpose. Prime Minister Denys Shmyha also says that the attacks by the missiles have damaged all thermal and hydroelectric power plants. However, the attacks on essential facilities is leading to black out and water shortages throughout the country.

In some regions, electricity is only present for a few precious hours. Adding to his statement, he said that fifteen rockets aimed toward Zaporizhzhia in the south hit the energy bodies and capital water system. It also hit the city metro systems that are currently down.

Mr. Sak told the BBC that Russia wants the entirety of Ukraine. The missile and drone attack was the message that the war was far from over. Russia also wants them to negotiate, which is not going to happen.

Credits: BBC

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